3 Reasons you must attend Meetups

Whether you are trying to build a company or just want to be a better professional, meetups is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

It used to be something that I did not do at all. Living in Munich, I have had tremendous number of technology related meetups that I could go to, but I just wasn’t doing that. I now regret it.

See all these happy people talking to each other?

Since moving to Toronto about 3 months ago, I have attended at least 6 different meetups, all during the last month. I have learned a ton about Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, Bootstrapping etc. It was a very influential experience so far and I am not intending to stop.

So, here are the 3 reasons you must attend meetups in your area:

1. They widen your area of expertise

Going to a meetup or listening to a talk on a topic that you are somewhat knowledgeable about may still prove to have value, but those that are adjacent to your primary areas of expertise are just invaluable. It is even more valuable for people that are trying to start up their own business or want to be promoted. Broader scopes of responsibility require broared scopes of knowledge. Get your intro into Artificial Intelligence, Financial Markets or whatever strikes your fancy. See if you’re into it and learn more about it!

2. They help you build your network

This is blindingly obvious. Yet I refused to acknowledge this point and the importance of it for a long long time. And I know for a fact that many of my friends and acquaintances still do too. Your network is important. It gives you more employment, business and growth opportunities. It’s free and provides great returns. Take advantage of it!

3. They broaden your views

Even if you sit through a fairly average talk that closely relates the skill you already have, chances are you are going to get an alternative point of view about something. It is very stimulating to be confronted with something you potentially disagree with because if you keep an open mind either of the two may happen. You may adopt a superior position or get to better know your own reasons to maintain your held position. Be susceptible to new ideas!

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