Product Management: What Can Go Wrong And How To Improve The Process

Product management at a glance

Being an entrepreneur and software developer, I strive to understand the concept of product management and how it really works which means you are not alone if you are trying to wrap your head around it. In this blog posts, I will make an attempt to explore product management and analyze what can go wrong down the road, as well as how we can get better at developing and launching successful products.

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7 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About App Development

The mobile app ecosystem started showing signs of future potential from the day of its inception. It has been evolving at such a rapid pace that it requires tremendous insightfulness to understand what’s right and what’s not, what works and what doesn’t. In order to achieve sustainable success in a competitive environment, entrepreneurs must explore the true potential of app development. In this blog post, I will chalk out some of the facts that every businessman should know about app development.

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5 Cognitive Biases that Every Entrepreneur Should Learn to Identify

As a product owner or product designer, you often start with a vision for whatever you’re creating. You start off with a mission to address a perceived need in the market, and set out to fulfill it and, in turn, fulfill your need for profitability. It’s super motivating to be able to complete your product and launch it, considering that most startups and independents don’t even get that far.

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You don’t actually need a Co-Founder

Mentors and entrepreneur’s common sense say “you need help, get a co-founder.” It’d be crazy to do it alone, right? In some cases it is true and you generally should look for some help to fill the gaps in your skill set.

10 years ago, an article on Microsoft’s site appeared which suggested that 2.09 people starting a business was the statistically optimal number or, in other words, that, two heads are better than one.

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How to Cut Meetings short

Overly long meetings are such a pain in the ass! They drain energy, quickly make you unmotivated and defocused.

This Sunday, I will have a business call at 1 pm with a friend of mine that tends to babble a little bit too much. Our calls often extend to more than a couple of hours without being too productive.

After such a call ends, I usually feel mildly depressed. So much time wasted! Certainly, neither he nor I enjoy blabbering for two hours. However, when we talk, it usually turns out to be exactly that way.

I believe I have found a solution.

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